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Happy to offer you online Japanese classes!
Since this is an online course, you can join classes from anywhere in the world and we can offer them at quite a reasonable cost.
Please let me know if you would like to join our online semi-group lessons or private lessons.
We are learning together with students from the U.S, Brazil, India, Philippine, New Zealand, China, Portugal, and Zimbabwe!
Why don't you join us?
We will have fun together on your journey to learn the Japanese language and culture!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu!
1.Beginner class (No prior Japanese language training)
2. Japanese class for ex-pat parents (For intermediate learners living in Japan N3-N4 level)
Cost: Semi-group lessons 5,500JPY (50 minutes×4 lessons)/per month(Need to be paid via Paypal or bank transfer )
Private lessons 3,800JPY per hour

Business Japanese? JLPT? Conversation?
A certified Japanese Instructor provide fun lessons.
Place : Skype or zoom online
Level : Beginner from Intermediate
Rate is 3500 yen/hour.
Please send me any questions and book for a free 30 min trial session
Email: nori.ko.to.ba20@gmail.com

Japanese Online lessons via Skype. Can't get out of your house? Need to stay away from people? Looking for a Japanese tutor who can teach you online? Then here I am and now is your chance to get started!
・free trial lesson available
・tailor made curriculum
・certified tutor
・zero starter to Advanced level
・daily conversation, business Japanese, JLPT etc.
Please feel free to contact me for more information. info@chabashila.com


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I am a Zimbabwean ESL teacher offering conversation classes for people keen on improving their speaking skills. I guarantee a fun and exciting experience
E-mail = zdecomyers(at)gmail.com

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★ Cali-Nippon ESL x Music Lovers United 
只今English Parkでは、シャーミン先生とクリスティーン先生が司会者で、ネイティブのファシリテーターさん達が英会話の練習をしたい方のために楽しいチャットや、クイズコーナ、ミュージックについてのトーク等を行います!! 
English Parkの生徒さんでない方も大歓迎です★毎月第1・3土曜日お昼12時から一時間に行います
参加方法:インスタの@englishparkla もしくは、フェースブックの@englishparktorrance をフォローして、Zoom Meeting ID&パスワードをチェックしてみて下さい(^^)
We’ll have breakout rooms for more intimate chats with native English speakers, and fun activities galore! Come check us out!
E-mail = lessons@englishpark.us

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Play one of three "FREE" English learning games at the following link and then click on "games: Englishedge.net

British English lessons by experienced,
kind female teacher-080-4083-9981-line,Whatsapp,Viber





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let’s make dandelion salad !!!looking for people who love cooking alternative ways to enjoy other peoples company by cooking all kinds of food I’ve been part of cooking classes in Japan :Tokyo Izu and would like to get a group of people and rent a community centre enjoy food and talk about life in Tokyo
bon appétito!!!!! Idatakimasu!
E-mail = Remodesu(at)gmail.com

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Have you heard of Zumba before?
If you are looking for a workout class or simply want to dance, come and join me for a fun Zumba class!
I have 2 classes each month in Shibuya
Please check for more details on meetup or FB page!


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Hello! I am TEFL certified to teach English. Please contact me forinformation. I look forward to meeting you and exploring your English language learning journey together!! I teach English lessons for free, but I do accept Tips at the learners discression. This means, you may pay me whatever you want to pay me. I can accept Payment via Paypal. If that payment method does not work for you, we can discuss other options together to allow for you to send payment.
E-mail = lunabird3(at)yahoo.com

Hello,I am Japanese,my name is Yuki,teaching how to cook Japanese traditional food in English. We Japanese have some special food only during Obon or Osyougatsu.Most foreigners in Japan have never eaten that dish.Even we cannot eat out because they are home-made cooking.I think this kind of dish is the most tasty Japanese food. The recipi is inherited from my mother and grandmother etc.I want many foreigners to know the special taste.Will you learn how to cook the traditional Japanese home-made dish and taste ?
It is easy even for cooking beginner.
Near Tokyo you can learn that in short time.If you have an interest and want to know in detail,please contact me in e-mail.


I am looking to take private lessons on guitar and drums. If you teach either, please email me with your location, how much you charge per session, and how long each teaching session is.
E-mail = rene.river(at)infinitykk.com

電車乗り換え案内英会話レッスン京急横浜駅, 京急蒲田駅内、京急品川駅改札内でやってる実践的な英会話レッスンです。スペイン語でもやってます。駅の改札内で乗り換えとかに迷っている英語で外国人を助けたいと思ったことはありませんか?
京急横浜駅改札内は横浜駅は羽田空港駅や、横須賀の米軍基地、元町の中華街に行く外国人が結構います。そんな旅行者に話しかけるときの実績的な英会話を学んでみませんか?英語初心者から、ソコソコ話せる人まで、大歓迎。特に英会話の初心者向きです。何故かといえば、旅行者に最低限の英会話で適切な道案内をするということに、英会話表現を学ぶからです。私と多いので、英語で迷ってる外国人に話しかけてみたり!乗り換えに困っている外国人旅行者にアドバイス私は生徒さんのサポートします。講師は英検1級、Toeic900、スペイン語通訳ガイド資格ある日本人男性です。京急沿線長年住んでいて、外国人の鉄道案内乗り換え案内経験豊富。地下鉄もかなり詳しいです。レッスン代は1時間1500円ですが、ご友人と同時参加なら割引します。Line: banderaespana

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Hello my name is Teacher Neil ,
I am offering online English lessons over Skype , Zoom or Line. I will help you learn :-how to translate your thoughts into conversational English
-how to construct grammatically correct sentences
-help you with your pronunciation during our practice sessions
Visit my site : www.yabaiteacher.com to book your first lesson for free. My lessons are $ 12 for 45 minutes.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Let's play Japanese taiko together in Shizuoka, Amagi.
10th 11th June. Beginners welcome!! We rent this place that days,
but we have only 5!!Help!! Please join us. We have guest ex Kodo
player!! E-mail = hiddddy(at)hotmail.com

British English lessons for Adults and kids by experienced,kind teacher-08040839981

8yrs boy, study at English immersion school.
Need his too much homework HELP.
At Kikuna, Yokohama ¥2500 / hour ※No online lesson
contact: mayumi67@hotmail.com


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Online business Japanese Lessons (IT/ Medical/ Legal specific) & JLPT
“Remote lesson by Zoom/ Skype/ FaceTime/ Line from your home in the world”● Useful active Japanese and academic site in needs of your field such as IT/ Medical/ Legal specially.
● Teaching method is mainly conversations (Q& A) listening and reading, writing with using Japanese, English or basic French in needs.
● Original made texts according to your requests via google drive/ Air drop
I am a native female Japanese and certified Japanese teaching over 7 years in Canada & England.
Reasonable fee
$US 20.00 or \2,000 per hour by Paypal or bank transfer + charge.
Discounts available for 3 lesson package ; $5,400/ \5,400
Let’s have a fun as visually and enjoyably
Please feel free to contact me for detailed program

Programming tutor/exam prep available from UK (English speaking)
IB Comp Sci; Cambridge IGCSE/A Level; AP Computer Science A; General ciding lessons in Python, Java, Javascript, SQL/PHP - reasonable rates for individual or group, face-to-face or online. E-mail = john(at)saigonsunbears.com

Lymphatic drainage lesson (English & Japanese& French) via Zoom,Skype, Line

Lymph drainage like Yoga & massage (shoulder & back/ reflexology)
which is great ways to encourage lymph flow and to maintain the health, and lose weight of this essential system inclusive counseling individually through online or as visitation session for 1.5 hours.
The movement created by combining deep breathing with stretching has proved to enhance lymph circulation.
I am certified Ayurvedic therapist, and can lead you for stress release from mind and body, as well as grow less anxious under amid continuing concerns of cv-19.
Please feel free to contact me for more details.
E-mail = jasminetime27@gmail.com

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Hello! My name is Megan and I am a teacher from Australia. I offer beginner and conversational English lessons online. Please take a look at my website, www.englishteachermegan.com.au
I look forward to hearing from you!

English lessons online from 1250 yen for 25 minutes. You can have also have 30 minutes, or 60 minutes, or longer lessons for more money. I have taught English in Japan for 21 years and can teach anyone, children, teenagers, adults, retired people. I can help you prepare for TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken, etc. You will improve your English with me.
Email me at: yhwithers@hotmail.com.

Need help with JLPT Preparation?
Now is not a bad time to focus on something new at home, or thing you've been vaguely planning to do it for some time.
I coach people who aim at JLPT, in all level N5 thru N1, online, phone, via skype, google hangout etc.
I have been teaching Japanese over 10 years, in private language school and as a freelance. One of my students has just passed N1 last December.
I am a native Japanese, currently resides in the U.S.
I'll be happy to be your Japanese conversation partner also, away from textbooks. If you are more comfortable with chat, we can do so as well using Messenger, Skype, etc..
My rate is $30/hour.
I have pretty flexible schedule right now, but if you are available in morning to early afternoon hours of any day it'll be perfect.
Please send me any questions and let's find out if we are a good match! phyllismika@gmail.com

Science Tutor / Oxford University educated, professional schoolteacher. Head of Science in several of the worlds best schools (Egypt, Dubai, Mexico City and London). Physics specialism. offers iGCSE tuition online. Please email at this address for more information. Good luck! jwalwyn@protonmail.com

Free International English Exchange
If you are interested in learning English, but don't have the money to do so, I'm offering free English classes on Mondays at my house.
If you're interested please contact me at saraiaflores@gmail.com

I would like to help all English learners in Japan. I have been an English teacher for 12 years with 2 degrees.
I would love to hear more about your culture and tradition. I would like to make more friends in Japan.
Please contact me:
Line: janetyu357

Hello! I would like to invite you to my online English lessons. Are you a student struggling with your homework? Would you like to have a better understanding of different aspects of English grammar? Or maybe you just want to start having conversations in English? Get help from somebody who is really enthusiastic about learning and teaching languages.
My qualifications
TEFL certificate
2 years of university education (English philology)
Contact and booking
You need to have access to the Internet and a Skype account.
6.50 $ / 30 min
PayPal payments
You can make a payment after your lesson
My availability
Wednesday 5 pm to 9 pm
Thursday 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday 5 pm to 9 pm


日本語の言語交換。ラテン系の40代の男性が言語交換を探しています。大学レベルの英語を話し、日常会話のダイアログを書くのが得意なので、楽しく早く英語を学ぶことができます。Email: handymansolutions (at) tutamail.com 1 236 885 5586 whatsapp

Nihow Looking for Chinese /English language exchange ..once a week in Shinjuku area. Native English professional ESL teacher can also exchange Italian ,basic Japanese E-mail = Remodesu(at)gmail.com

Canadian black guy seeks a Japanese for language exchange for studies. serious only please, thank you.
Email: Mackmichael35(at)aol.com

Interesting, well-educated and cute Single Japanese man seeks native English speakers in Tokyo for a language exchange. Let's meet once or twice/week to improve our language abilities. I'm sure that it'll be wonderful experiences, so just email me without hesitating.
E-mail: languageex2010@gmail.com

Friendly, smart and cool Japanese male seeks native speakers of English in Tokyo for language exchange and friendship. Shall we start language exchange to enjoy wonderful conversation, experiences and also new friendship? Contact me anyway.
E-mail: ajapeng16@gmail.com


Guesthouse Tokyo

10 minutes to Ikebukuro.


safe and accessible solution for your accommodation needs in Tokyo.

Sakura House

1830 monthly furnished rooms at 204 locations in Tokyo.


Contact our international team that will assist you in finding housing and overcoming any communication barriers in Japan! /p>

J&F Plaza

Furnished & unfurnished guesthouses and apartments in Tokyo.

May Flower House

Tokyo furnished apartments. Ginza, Roppongi, Yotsuya and more.

TenTen Guesthouse

33,000yen/30 days for working holiday students.


Share room, Private room, under 50,000yen


Private furnished rooms in Tokyo with free internet. Call us first or call us last!


Hassle free moving starts from 6000yen.

Tokyo Helping Hands

Very flexible working hours to effectly help you with moving, deliveries, disposal, storage and more!

AirNet Travel

We'll cut you the best air ticket deals anywhere.

Fun Travel

Discount air travel & package tours 2min from Roppongi Stn.

No.1 Travel

We go the extra mile for you. International air tickets and hotels.

JR Tokai Tours

Top-value travel to Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya from Tokyo by Shinkansen.

Matsuda Legal Office

All kinds of Visa, Immigration & Naturalization, International Marriage etc.

Futaba Visa Office

Licensed immigration lawyer & certified public tax consultant.

American Pharmacy

English speaking pharmacy since 1950.

Tokyo Skin Clinic

EU-licensed multi lingual doctors.

Tax-free AKKY

Japanese Appliance, Watch, Souvenirs

Tokyo Speed Dating

1st Sat. & 3rd Sun. at Bari n Roppongi ETC.

Tokyo Spontaneous

Picnic, Parties, Language exchange


Japanese women & Western men.

Tokyo Hentai Club

The number one escort agency in Japan. You are sure to find a girl to your liking.

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