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The Tokyo Spontaneous Meetup hosts over 40 events monthly; international, drinks, theme & dinner parties, day & night picnics, pub crawls, live English/Japanese comedy nights, live music performances, karaoke, yoga, language exchange and many more where foreigners & Japanese come to make friends and enjoy the events together.
『東京スポンテイナス ミートアップ』は日本人と外国人が友人どうし楽しめるパーティー、ピクニック、クッキング、パブ巡り、カラオケ、コメディーショーを月40本以上企画しております。




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KALI - Is the Martial Arts from the Philippines. The word “Kali” is a combination of two other Filipino words. “Ka” comes from the root-word “Kamot”, which means “Hand”, and “Li” comes from the root-word “Lihok” which means “Motion”.
We welcome all to come and train with us. Training in classical to modern application. E-mail = this.artist@gmail.com

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Let's Sing A Cappella! (Tokyo) / A Cappella Meetup in Tokyo
Hi everyone! Can we enjoy music if you don't have or If you cannot play any musical instruments? Of course, Yes!! We can sing any songs you like in a cappella style, create beautiful harmonies and exciting beats in anywhere on the street corner, in a park, etc, only if a small number of people get together! This is a Meetup group for everyone from various countries who loves and wants to enjoy singing English a cappella songs together in Tokyo. This group provide you opportunities to sing a cappella songs together at a music studio near Sibuya Station about once in a month on a weekend. *Fee is approximately 1,000yen for each time including studio room charge (We will share the Studio room charge. And fee may vary depending on the studio room charge we use.) A Cappella Meetup in Tokyo

This is a small meetup at the New Sanno U.S. Military base. We want to get to know people in Japan better and help you to learn about the American lifestyle and ways of thinking through fun and deep discussions; and what better way to do this than in a calm, cool, relaxed and fun environment where we can eat, drink and learn more about each-other in English. The menus have a good variety of different foods and drinks, and you can pay for your meals in YEN or DOLLARS! Take-out is OK!!! This is a perfect experience for you and your family as this is family-friendly experience. We meet up once a month and each time, everyone will introduce themselves, we will learn basic and advanced English phrases and you can practice them in the various restaurants inside of the New Sanno!
We rent meeting rooms and restaurant space for these meetings so for each person 18 years old and up will be Y5,000. For children 10 to 17 years old, Y2,500, and for kids 9 and under, free. Please message me if you have any questions and I will reply to you within 1 hour. This will be like going to America in Japan! E-mail = clewis702@outlook.com

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We are TaitamX Dragons - a dragon boat team based in KMC Yokohama Marina near Namamugi Station of Keikyu Line. We are seeking both male and female who are interested in trying this wonderful water sport originated in China.
Special instruction for novice paddlers is available every weekend to learn how to paddle. Fee is just 1,000 yen per day including rental equipment - paddle and life-vest.
We have three boats - two 10 crew boats and one 20 crew international race standard boat.
Spring is the best season to start. Please come join us and enjoy paddling on water!
E-mail = taitamxdragons@yahoo.co.jp

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Looking to make plans for the weekend? www.myjapaneseweekend.com offers ideas backed with information to help us foreigners strategize our weekends.
Join the Asia Server: English Only community on Discord to connect with other English speakers on the asian servers. Subscribe to the website for free so you never miss out on a post!

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Eastern Capital Football Club was founded in 2018 in Tokyo. Eastern Capital Football Club was created when members who met in London and Washington DC decided to form a football team to spice up their weekends. Our team members have different backgrounds but we do have one thing in common: our love of football. Our team works together to play dynamic and accomplished football. We are always looking for new players. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at i

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Hi. We're "JapEnLAB" - a sincere support community for any nationality who are learning English/Japanese. We organize discussion events to improve language skill, to get new ideas, knowledge, & to expand perspectives with friendly & open-minded atmosphere. Our unique style is to always have a chilling, casual ambience + quality topics to practise JP/EN to express your ideas. Please visit us https://www.meetup.com/uncategolized-lifestyle/ **Please be informed that this is NOT a DATING or business/leligious networking purpose. ***

Qigong for Health and Happiness in Kinuta Park. Forming a group for regular practice on weekends. No experience necessary.
E-mail = tonidelatoni@yahoo.com

Futsal player wanted by International Futsal team. Our team is intermediate level and easy going atmosphere.
We usually have a practice in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Any nationality are welcome. Please send me e-mail(fkkyn468@ybb.ne.jp) if you're intrested in.

Free Trial English Acting Workshop Women and men at any level,age,nationality. You can enjoy acting through English. Friendly and fun. E-mail=etheater@outlook.jp

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笑いは最善の薬 ムクンド・チャスカル
E-mail = mdchaskar@gmail.com

Futsal member is wanted by international futsal team. Atmosphere is relaxing. Our level is intermediate. Practice is basically on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays in Tokyo or Kawasaki. Please send e-mail to me (fkkyn468@ybb.ne.jp) if you are intrested in. Hideaki

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Let's play Touch Football in Komae, Tokyo :) All skill levels welcome, as we have players from basketball, handball, baseball, etc.

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Hello, I'm Japanese and working at protestant church in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
I'm managing English Bible Study meeting every Sunday from 4pm.
This English Bible meeting is mainly for non believers, so it's very casual meeting like international exchange meeting.
I need more English Speakers help. My church is Presbyterian but I welcome any denomination.
If you're interested in my group, feel free to message me. E-mail = pentecost0809@gmail.com

Republicans Overseas Japan
Americans and others interested in conservative discussion and
education regarding US politics and governance are welcome to contact
Republicans Overseas Japan at ROJapan2@gmail.com or join us at
www.facebook.com/groups/ROJapan We meet once a month; details
distributed in advance.

English Acting Club in Kita Senju held on Friday evening from 7:30pm. Very friendly, all levels of experience are welcome. Read scripts in English and have lots of fun!
E-mail = blackstripetheater@gmail.com

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Dragon Boat Club seeking New Members (Kachidoki, Tokyo) We are TaitamX Dragons - a dragon boat team based in Kachidoki Marina near Kachidoki Station of Subway Oedo Line. We are seeking both male and female who are interested in trying this wonderful water sport originated in China. Special instruction for novice paddlers is available every weekend to learn how to paddle. Fee is just for 1,000 yen per day including rental equipment - paddle and life-vest.
Weather is warm enough now. Please come join us and enjoy yourself on water!

We play Basketball every sunday night in Kawasaki. It`s free because we can use a public gym. We seek a few players more than intermediate level. You can join us when you have time. Looking forward to playing with you. E-mail = nken@outlook.jp

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Taichi Chuan in Yoyogi Park come and join others in an early morning practice of Guang Ping Yang Taiji Chuan. Everyone welcome!
E-mail = ddh@gol.com

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Golfers Wanted!
Looking for a game? Looking to try some new courses in the Kanto area? We usually play Saturdays at various courses around the Tokyo area. An international group of mostly expats, everyone is welcome. Up coming dates in Tochigi, Yamanashi and Shizouka.
Events and information are on a closed group on Facebook: Tokyo Golfers--just ask to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1201135103251027/
You can also email for more information: tokyogolfguy@gmail.com
Come on out!

Hi Everyone, I am Japanese female. We are goupr of Ramen friends we welcome any people who love Ramen after the party, Asa-Ra! Morning Ramen. Anybody who love drinking wine and beer and love morning Ramen? Lets party and eat Ramen! E-mail me: solera2015@yahoo.co.jp

Anybody like to play bowling?
We are international group of bowling both foreginer and Japanese both girls and boys.
We play every Saturday. Any level any nationality. Lets play!
E-mail: solera2015@yahoo.co.jp

Hello,everyone. I'm running English Bible meeting. Those are interested in Bible or English conversation get together every Sunday afternoon from 2:30pm to 4pm and share our opinions and culture.
We welcome anyone who has interest regardless of nationality and religion !
Place : Cafe Cotton Club Takadanobaba (1-17-14,Takadanobaba, Shinjuku)
Fee : free !
Organizer : Takashi Ogura (pentecost0809@gmail.com)

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Hey guys! JLDA ( Japan Latin Dance Association) is seeking to create a team of student dancers who want to learn Latin dance and are interested in performance as well! Dance styles include Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, Kizomba, Cha Cha Cha, etc.
Teachers will be Jorge Zubieta from Argentjna and Satsuki Amano from Japan, repetitive winners in Asia!
No problem if you have not danced at all before. We will teach you right from the basics! :)
Classes will generally be held around Tokyo or Yokohama. We are very flexible. Please contact me for more details! :) E-mail: samy_walia@yahoo.com
PS: Even if you are not interested in performance but just wanna dance for fun you are most welcome! :)

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We are a cappella barbershop style chorus group for women. Singers are wanted in all parts, Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass. We rehearse on Saturdays 14:00-17:00 in central Tokyo area.
Visitors are always welcome! COME SING WITH US!! Web: http://bbsc.webcrow.jp

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Looking for potential knights and samurai to fight in armour! If you are interested in historical armoured combat, we're the people you want to hang out with. Friends, fun, and fighting. Men, women, big or small: If you are 18+, and want to take on life with sword in hand, contact me.
E-mail: kishinokura@gmail.com

Looking for jogging mate in Shibuya(weekends evenings), and Yokohama(always) Let's run together.I like jogging. yokosukayokohama2@yahoo.co.jp

Coffee Morning
Let's have coffee/snacks with the members of Minato International Association!! (free of charge)
You can ask any questions about daily life in Japan. Every 4th Saturday 10:00〜12:00 at Minato International Association office (Toei Kita Aoyama 1-chome Apt. Bldg3 B1 1-6-3, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku) Please contact MIA by e-mail: office@minato-intl-assn-gr.jp or
phone: 03-6440-0233

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Seeking people interested in samurai and ninjutsu fighting arts. Small group training on weekends for free. Emphasis on relaxed, natural power.Brains over brawn. Email shizenryokudojo@gmail.com

Are you ready for contact? The Tokyo ET Contact Group is among a growing worldwide network of research teams and volunteer citizen diplomats, seeking peaceful contact with non-human extraterrestrial intelligence.ハOur group organizes regular human-initiated UFO contact events throughout the Kanto area, utilizing CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence)ハprinciples and protocols. We welcome and encourage individuals of all nationalities who accept the ET reality to join our international contact team today! http://www.meetup.com/Tokyo-ET-Contact-Group/

Tambourelli. Unique new sport from Scotland using a shuttlecock and tambourine like instrument. Play two or three times a month on weekends in Meguro with many socials. More details: http://www.tamjapan.org/

Thai Chi club
Thai Chi to counter the stress of daily living.
Practice is in Toyama Park on Sun mornings, near Takadanobaba stn. chifact@gmail.com

Diamond Way Buddhism Tokyo.
Guided Buddhist meditation every Sun. 6pm near Azabu-Juban. International practitioners, beginners welcome. Japanese spoken.

Gaelic Football in Tokyo. Nippon GAA is Tokyo's first and only gaelic football club in Japan. We are all about football, fitness and fun! All nationalities are welcome and open to those who have played before and beginners too! For more information on when we meet, go to

Come Sing With Us! We are a part of Sweet Adelines International, women’s four-part a cappella barbershop style chorus group. We rehearse in Shinjuku Area, Tuesday night 18:30-21:30. Visitors are always welcome!! sweetadelines_tokyo@yahoo.co.jp

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Nihobashi Century Toastmasters club. Want to be more effective in meetings? Get your point across more concisely in the second language? Then visit Toastmasters. We get together to practice public speaking in English and Japanese. No cost for visitors. For more detail, see http://nihonbashi-century.weebly.com/ or feel free to contact us at nihonbashi.century@gmail.com

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Aussie Rules. Tokyoユs own Goannas Australian Rules Football Club are one of the top teams in the land.
Always looking for fresh blood to join the team.

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Wine Tasting & Cooking Club
Each month the French Wine Tasting Club offers wine tasters the chance come together to learn about and enjoy all aspects of wine appreciation.

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Footy Japan is committed to providing all your footballing needs.
Regular tournaments and international events taking place in around Tokyo.

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Ski & Snowboarding. Tokyo Gaijins Ski & Snowboarding Club
For Winter Sports, the Tokyo Gaijins Ski & Snowboarding Club is a great place to start.

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Aikido in English.Tokyo Seidokan Aikido, Sat, 1-3pm. Aikido for a modern way of life. Itabashi-ku, Toei Mita line/JR Saikyo line.

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Language Exchange Circle. Language Exchange Circle near Hanzomon Station for practicing English and Japanese, and making friends and having fun! You can get all details at; http://eventsunlimited.co/tokyoexchangecircle/

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Volleyball Club. Japanese & foreign volleyball players gather in Takadanobaba. If you are a keen volleyball player or beginner, check out their home page at http://intervoll.sakura.ne.jp/

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Rugby in Tokyo. The Tokyo Crusaders are friendly and keen international rugby club.
Devoted to the game and its social side, the メCruモ welcomes all players and supporters. http://www.facebook.com/tokyo.crusaders


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We are TaitamX Dragons - a dragon boat team based in KMC Yokohama Marina near Namamugi Station of Keikyu Line. We are seeking both male and female who are interested in trying this wonderful water sport originated in China.
Special instruction for novice paddlers is available every weekend to learn how to paddle. Fee is just 1,000 yen per day including rental equipment - paddle and life-vest.
We have three boats - two 10 crew boats and one 20 crew international race standard boat.
Spring is the best season to start. Please come join us and enjoy paddling on water!
E-mail = taitamxdragons@yahoo.co.jp

Seeking Team for a event series (Tokyo) I am seeking a team to host a music event series in Tokyo. If you are a musician or a creative talent please don't hesitate to message me. I am seeking serious people only who want to be a part of a core team in the near future.
I am a long-time DJ/ event planner and I have traveled around the world with music. I just moved back to Tokyo and I need resources to event space, the creative team, and people who are interested to throw mindful events and build an amazing community.
The idea is to set up a broad genre event in the form of series to bring collective minds through music, art, and culture. It doesn't matter your race and I speak Japanese well.
You should able to commit to coming to meetings.
Contact : D
Mail: dilipbksunar@gmail.com


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