Setagaya Boroichi flea Market 2019 / 2020


A scavenger hunt at this historic 'Setagaya Boroichi' flea market is the perfect winter day or night out! Going to the flea market is one of the only existing way to “travel time”, and is much cheaper and fun than going to the museum. ... And even if you don't buy anything there, you'll probably have learned something as flea market vendors love to talk about the origin of their finds. Many of them are great story tellers!
#Find Stuff You Need! You can possible find what you are looking for as flea markets literally overflow with absolutely everything. By the end of the Boroichi, you might discover that there’s actually a lot of stuff you miss at home. Also why should you pay ¥10,000 at the department store for something you may get for ¥1,000 at the flea market?
#Find your own flavour! Find vintage furnitures or decorative objects to give a flavor to your home. Even if you don’t get your hand on a cool vintage Tansu chest, Ukiyoe painting, or a full Byobu folding screens, you will always be able to find that little something that will raise your interest. Perhaps even just a little chair is by itself a work of art and holds such a strong emotional heritage that it can somehow recreate the atmosphere of a specific era, just in your place.
#Travel Time! Going to the flea market is one of the only existing way to “travel time”. Different times and era are blended together in a place like a flea market; 1960s books pilled-up on a 19th century chair, clothe and accessories from the last 60 years all mixed up in an old suitcase, rusty patina on bronze testifying of past days, toys we or even our grand-parents used to play with as kids, design furnitures from the 30s, or even a mix of black and white pictures of decades.
In Japanese Bubble decade, people pursued for the latest and newer things, but now we are in nearly 2020, people started to realize the value of 'old' things. More people regained the sense of 'Mottainai - a sense of regret concerning waste' and there's some truth in the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure". What one person may think is worthless may be cherished by another. It’s fun to dig through the past finding a few treasures. And who knows, you might find a sweet deal on an item or a fun trinket to commemorate your day or night out. So let your treasure hunt begin at 'Setagaya Boroichi Flea Market'!

Setagaya Boroichi flea Market 2019 / 2020

Date: December 15th & 16th, 2019 / January 15th & 16th, 2020
Venue: Setagaya Boroichi Street

Closest Sta.: Kamimachi Sta. on Setagaya Line

For more information, please visit



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